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Liendo 2009

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1 Liendo 2009 on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:43 am

I wasn't really sure I was going to make this event. The weather was really not cooperating this year. But after watching the reports I decided to go out for Saturday and take the soldiers' box.

I arrived about 10:30. It was muddy and still sprinkling a bit but not too bad really. The public hadn't really arrived yet; I'm sure the weather had something to do with it. Once at the site I found Deborah and Janet who assisted with the box presenation. Janet suggested the 12th Texas Artillery. We entered their camp and asked the commander if any of his men were in camp. Of course he was very confused as to why we would want to know. I explained that we were charged with seeing that an aid box from the Soldiers Aid Society of Fayette County was presented to them. Still very confused, he called his men together. I then repeated the purpose of our visit and caused more confusion. This was really quite funny; Liendo is a very mainstream event. So these men were not prepared for a first person-type of activity at all.

But once they began to open the box they were very pleased. Some of the gentlemen got the whole idea and really started to get into it, getting all excited about the paper and envelopes and food stuffs.

Once the box presenation was done we went back to where the 173rd was camped. We sat and talked and some of the ladies began getting lunch ready. I decided to take a walk through the sutlers and take some pictures. I spoke with a sutler from Illinios who sold soda waters and made a wonderful green apple jack. I told them about Henkel and asked them to think about participating. I also spoke with the "ox man". He is at Liendo almost every year and has a pair of the sweetest oxen. He may also consider Henkel in February. Won't that be a great addition--actually have livestock at the event!

Once the battle time got closer the public started to come in. In camp there was some living history with the surgeons and the wounded. One of the soldiers brought in was found to be a woman and the surgeon told her she should be at home making babies.

After the battle I decided it was time to head home, said my goodbyes and headed for the hay truck ride to the parking lot. Half way there I see a friend and decide to go back to visit some more. I finally left around 6:00 and had dinner with friends at a restaurant up the road.

Liendo is a very mainstream event, but if you attend knowing that it can be fun. With the house and huge lawn it also offers opportunities to create "living history bubbles". We have done that before and had a great time. I wish this year the weather would have been better on Saturday.

My pictures from the event can be found at

Thought you might like to know for next years event at Liendo. My sons Venture Crew 1872 is a group of boys from the ages of 13 to 21 with a few older guys as "Officers." Most of these boys are or have been Boy Scouts and love history. Throughout the year they participate in several reenactments. During the summer they are the staff of the Living History area at the area boy scout camp and also staff a winter Calvary camp for older boy scouts. I think during Reenactments they are the 4th U.S., at least that is what they were this weekend. Sometimes we even have girls that take part as either soldiers or as civilians plus a couple of moms to help with cooking and mending.

Tricia Barber

I knew there were a bunch of boy scouts involved with the Liendo event. I hope they had fun this year! BTW, welcome to the forum.

Glad to read that the box went over very well.

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