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Aid Societies

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1 Aid Societies on Mon May 31, 2010 10:38 pm

Posted on Texas Civilian Yahoo list June 2009 by Vicki Betts

From _When Will the Weary War Be Over? The Civil War Letters of the Maverick Family of San Antonio_:

p.58, Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Lewis, January 30, 1863
Our society have $353 to send to Cushing [editor of Houston paper] for Bryan's hospital, our second remittance, and tho't to send it by Bigelow. The ladies' "Hospital Association" are trying to get up tableaux--don't know how they will succeed or what it is for. They made a concert [$798?] and at a supper NY's eve $570. And each member gives $5 on admittance. So I should think they were rich. I attended one meeting and became a member--but learning nothing definite of its purposes did not go again as yet. Did you see in the Telegraph [Houston] that the people or societies have never done any thing for the Sibley Brigade! After we worked so very hard for them twice and gave money so freely. We (the officers) had an indignation meeting on it. And also censured most keenly those "belles of Houston who walk, hanging on the arms of the Federal prisoners." [Mass. soldiers captured at Galveston] Massachusetts [cobbrs?] too: bah--I hope no Confederate soldier will ever stoop to wait on them.

p.62 Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Lewis, February 17, 1863
The "hospital association" of ladies will have tableaux on 23rd for same hospital and I suppose will succeed as well. Tho' I hear that the two Mrs. Nortons and Mrs. J rench are very large in the committee of arrangements and will [also?] appear on the stage...I think what Mrs. F ... present. It is said "Ole A[be]" will appear--maybe she will do for Mrs. Abe.

p.67 Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Lewis, April 27, 1863
We have no local news--except that the ladies are about to get up a supper for a hospital fund for Pyron's regt, who are expecting to be ordered to La and want to have a regimental hospital.

p.72 Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Lewis, September 27, 1863
We all went to the war-meeting yesterday and enjoyed the day very much...We had speeches from Andrew Neal, Wilcox, Col Ford Gov Lubbock, Mr. Dalzell & Judge Duncan and a beautiful address from Col Ford to the Sons of the South--Judge Duncan Captain of a large company. They all, except Neal, spoke well. An abundant dinner was provided, the day was cloudy & pleasant & even the Dutch seemed imbued with the war spirit & shouted & clapped the fighting exhortations. There was no despondent word spoken, & all seemed hopeful--as tho' we did not realize that the savage foe of humanity was on our coast--perhaps even upon our shore or fighting our gallant Texas boys. Many ladies were present & after the crowd dispersed the young folks had a dance in the house nearby. I saw only one old greybeard drunk & he was ordered off & went.

p.80 Mary Maverick, in San Antonio to son Lewis, November 16, 1863
Peebles & the 2 other traitors are kept here in the guard house: we have here 3 [co?] soldiers perhaps, mostly militia; Sons of the South about 100 men.

p.82 George Maverick, from Camp Lubbock near Houston, to brother Willie, November 21, 1863
I went to see the negro minstrels the other night at Perkins Hall. Perkins Hall is a finer hall than the Casino.

p.87 Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Lewis, December 1, 1863
Col Carter gave us a rousing speech a week ago--he was eloquent & persuasive & did great good, I hope. The Sons of the South are all sworn ... & other Co's here organized.

p.88 Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Willie, December 7, 1863
Pa is going tomorrow to work at the fortifications himself. The S.S's [Sons of the South] are all sworn in for service.

p.133, Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Willie, April 7, 1864
The Catholic ladies here are getting up a fair for Sister Felicita to come off tonight, and I have just cut & sent them a large pan of splendid roses & honeysuckles & am baking some cakes for it. Sister Felicita's orphans get more than their share, I think, in these hard times, but nobody likes to refuse.

p.172, Mary Maverick, in San Antonio, to son Lewis, October 24, 1864
We, i.e. the Society, have finished making our clothing for Wood's reg't & are about to pack it up & send to Co's E, H & I and ask them to give anything not needed by their men to the needy in Co C. We pack no box for Co C because another association of ladies in town are working entirely for them--i.e., Mrs. Faulconer & school & the Methodists. I heard they had an abundance of all but blankets. As we send our Co's 90 blankets--they may be ab le to divide & we leave it with them & the Capts Dye, Lytle, & Ssgtone [sic]. Well, to you I send a bundle for yourself, and one for George also, one from our Society for Frank Conrad, which you will please forward first opportunity, if he has not gone to St. Louis. If he has, you are to select some worthy & needy soldier or soldiers & give them to him or them using your own best judgment for our country's cause....

p. 173, same letter. Mary wrote to you last Sunday. The D.S.'s [Daughters of the South] are to have a supper at the Casino Friday of next week to raise funds for the SS [Sons of the South] to use in helping poor families of soldiers. No soldier's family will suffer here if it is known--Patriotic old Bejar, if unionists do breathe our air. And our society furnish now to these 3 Co's of Woods' reg't $1,073.00 specie valuation of clothes. And few, comparatively, worked, very few worked hard at it. I see they raised in Houston for Debray's old reg't 14,000 paper. What a mite! I would not publish it.

Posted on Texas Civilian Yahoo list June 2009 by Vicki Betts

More from the Maverick letters

p.36 Mary Brown Maverick, in San Antonio, to father Sam Maverick
There was a flag presented to young Mr. Maclin which you know is a capt yesterday afternoon and there was a great many people there it was at the Military plaza. Miss Martha Vance made a speech and it was a very good one too. It (the flag) was made at the sewing society.

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